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Many internet customers fall victim to the modem rental fees that come from the largest ISPs around. Whether you use Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, CenturyLinkSuddenLink, MediacomWOW, or even Frontier, chances are at some point that you were either told you had to or strongly recommended to rent a modem from them rather than purchasing one on your own. This is, simply put, not true.

There are many modems to choose from and the sheer number of choices that are available can make the buying selection process a confusing one. Fortunately, ApprovedModem.com will help you find the best approved modem for your ISP, to eliminate pesky rental fees and get access to better speeds.

You should not rent a modem from your ISP, but instead buy one that meets your individual needs.

Why You Should Buy Your Own Modem Instead Of Renting It

There are many reasons that you should buy your own modem rather than renting one. These include:

Eliminate Rental Fees: Rental fees for a modem, on average, will cost you about $5 to $20 a month, depending on your ISP. Buying one will pay for itself in a matter of months.

Increase Your Internet Speed: Rental modems are going to come with little option as far as your speed goes. A modem of your choice will give you more speed choices.

Better Security: Rental modems come with a generic type of firewall, which might not have all of the security features that you need or want.

More Control Over Your Device: One of the best things that you can get from your own modem is the ability customize it, including prioritizing devices and security settings.

Different Types of Modems

Cable & DSL & Satellite Modems

When you buy your own modem, you have three primary types to choose from, depending on the type of service that you have, including:

Cable Modems: Cable modems work through your cable provider. The modems are external devices that connect to a cable outlet and a computer. They give you broadband through coaxial cables, which are the same ones that deliver cable to your television.It works at the same time as watching television, without interrupting the signal.

DSL Modems: DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This is a modem that will connect to your phone line that should already be attached to your house. The ISP you use will be the same as your telephone provider.It is typically high-speed internet.

Satellite Modems: Satellite modems work through your satellite provider, the same one that you get your satellite television through. These modems are limited in number and options, simply because this is not the most popular type of service. It is slow and hard to come by, and is usually only in remote locations.

List Of Approved & Compatible Modems For Popular ISPs 2019

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