Windstream Compatible Modems (2019 List)

We do have to give Windstream due credit – they are pretty much upfront with all the fees they charge you, the customer. First of all, they offer 2 kinds of internet – DSL & Fiber. DSL uses a dsl modem and router to get connected, and Fiber uses an ONT box with an Ethernet cable – no modems.

Even though they are real nice about their upfront charges, the sheer amount of fees can be an unpleasant surprise. That's why getting your own Windstream compatible modem is the way to go.

Here Is A Breakdown Of Their Fees:

Wireless Gateway Fees: Standard routers can set you back $9.99/ month while premium routers can be billed at $11.99/ month

Unreturned Equipment Charges: If you terminate their services and don’t return their equipment, you will be charged for the equipment you still possess as well as any extra costs incurred.

Professional Installation Fees: This will set you back $35.

Activation Charges: There is a onetime activation charge of $50.

Extra Charges: There are certain Protection Plans which can set you back $8/ month.

Always check the fine print before you decide to go down the expensive route of renting your internet equipment from them. If you do decide to buy your own modem, check out the recommended Windstream compatible modems in this guide.

Benefits Of Your Own Windstream Compatible Modem

Huge Savings: Why throw money down a bottomless pit (look at fees mentioned above). Buying your own will pay for itself within a few months if not less! Self Installation isn’t hard at all and you can actually own the internet equipment, instead of spending money on something you don’t own.

More Control: Owning your own internet equipment gives you the luxury of choice. Why settle for a standard modem or router from Windstream? Our list of Windstream approved modems will have you up and connected in no time, while being more tailored for your individual internet needs. Choose modems which have the type of settings you want. Control the device you use, don’t hope your ISP will remove control restrictions on the rental equipment.

Up-to-date technology: Whether it is buying a DOCSIS 3.1 modem or a router with advanced security or better gaming features, buying your own device will ensure you can actually access the high speed internet package you pay for. Rental equipment are usually standard models that don’t have the latest technology.

Windstream DSL Internet

DSL is abbreviated for Digital Subscriber Line and a DSL connection delivers high speed internet via your existing telephone lines. You can receive internet in a DSL connection via a cable modem.

The copper wiring in your telephone line connection has the capacity to carry more than just conversation. It can actually handle a wider range of frequencies, which is what a DSL connection utilizes. Newer internet equipment sends digital data instead of analog, and a DSL modem intercepts the data to convert it to electronic signals your computer can understand.

Windstream Fiber Internet

Windstream Fiber internet doesn’t use a modem. So all you really need to get connected is a great router, not a Windstream compatible modem. Fiber internet uses fiber optic cables which link your home directly to your ISP. These internet connections offer unparalleled download and upload speeds. Fiber internet is considered to be the next step in achieving extreme internet speeds.

3 Best Windstream Compatible Modems 2019





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1. Motorola MD1600

Editor's Choice

1600 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Actiontec GT784WN

Budget Friendly

300 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Netgear R7000

Editor's Choice

(Fiber Only)

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


1. Motorola MD1600 Modem Router Combo

Best Windstream Approved DSL Modem (Editor's Choice)

This modem router combo unit is our Editor’s Choice for the Windstream Compatible modem guide due to its attractive pricing as well as impressive array of features.

This DSL modem router unit has a simple set up and installation process via the setup wizard and is great as a space saver. If you are looking to de-clutter your home of wires, this is a great device to own. The in-built router provides wireless connectivity to all smartphones and electronic devices.

It has been known to increase throughput considerably in medium sized homes. This has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports to get any devices directly wired to the unit and provides good security features as well – like a firewall, guest networks, VPN capability, WPA/WPA2 security and more. It also has a 2.0 USB port for connecting external or additional devices. Just be warned, this is not compatible with Bonded ADSL, VDSL or VDSL vectoring.

2. Actiontec GT784WN ADSL Modem Router

Budget Friendly

This ADSL compatible modem router combo is not only friendly on the pocket, but a great buy as well. If you have a cable connection, this wireless gateway is not the device for you.

It may not be great to look at, but hey, we’re more interested in if it does the job or not. And as long as you’re asking for the stars and the moon, you’ll be happy. This is a great choice for those who are not extremely tech savvy nor are heavy internet users.

It is built for an easy set up process and will automatically get things rolling due to preconfigured settings. This acts like a 3-in-1 – a modem, a wireless N router and a four port switch. It is a great choice for families as it has good security features such as a firewall, parental controls and other encryptions. It operates on the 802.11 N wireless standard and is backwards compatible.

3. Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Wireless Router

Best Router For Windstream FiOS

If you have a fiber connection, it is always recommended that you get a gigabit router to get the high speeds that you have access to. Netgear’s Nighthawk series have always been considered by many industry gurus to be the top of the line routers, and this is no different.

The R7000 has a powerful 1GHz dual core processor that powers the device and you can get a combined speed of 1900Mbps on both bands. This dual band router also has Dynamic QoS which is a must for any serious gamer or heavy internet user who can prioritize their bandwidth usage for their online activities.

The Beamforming technology extends the signal strength and the antennas and high powered amplifiers boost your coverage as well. You can get your network set up via the Netgear UP app. You can also remotely access your network via the OpenVPN Connect app. The ReadyCLOUD and ReadySHARE features make sharing files easy.

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